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Cakes & Death - A Photostory by 1magichour

Death Note and BJDs are two of my favorite things. When I saw this ridiculously cute photo set at 1magichour’s livejournal featuring a chibi-fied version of my favorite character, L, I fell in love! It’s a pretty popular set in the hobby already, but I just had to share it in my blog anyway. :D

See the rest of the photo set on my blog

Source: 1magichour. Doll belongs to lightlybattered.

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commonleader-deactivated2011062 said: My friend who is really into anime and manga made me watch death note
and I fell completely in love with L. Haha, pathetic.
Awesome blog! keep it up!

It’s not pathetic! It’s hard not to fall for his charms after all. ;)
Thank you!